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Trip Planning

You’re coming to Glacier National Park! The big question is, where do you go? Hare some of my resources to help you find your way for the best trip to Glacier!
Going-to-the-Sun Road Driving Guide

Map Guides

Half map. Half guide. All awesome. Take the intuitiveness of a map combined with the information of a guide and you hold in your hands an obvious solution to finding your way.
Feature About Hike 734

About Hike 734

In 2011, Jake Bramante became the first person to hike all 734 miles of trail in Glacier National Park in one summer. Find out more about the project.
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New for 2014 is the innovative Map Guide with a map of Glacier on one side and trail descriptions on the other so that you can easily sort through the 88 day hikes to find the perfect one for you.

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