Rockwell Falls

Rockwell Falls

While my love for the Two Medicine area tends to focus on the amazing ridge walks and open views, places like Rockwell Falls add another amazing layer. This wonderful waterfall, a little over three miles from the Two Medicine boat dock, is a nice level walk to the beautiful main falls that looks like a […]

Cracker Lake 2014

Cracker Lake Sunrise

While I had been to Cracker Lake a couple of times, my wife Kristen had not. We decided to celebrate the 4th of July in the American idea of National Parks and camp at the lake. We ended up with a beautiful lake, mountain goats, a pika, snowshoe hare, and loads of wildflowers. A note […]

Otokomi Lake 2014

Otokomi Lake

Snuck out to the St. Mary area to hike to the beautiful Otokomi Lake. The hike up bounces between Rose Creek which starts out of view, then bubbles and pools right next to the trail. As you gain elevation, Rose Creek gives way to nice views of Goat Mountain. Once again the birds were singing […]

Logan Pass Opening 2014

Clements Mountain

It’s finally here! Going-to-the-Sun Road is officially open all the way up and over Logan Pass in 2014. It has been a higher than normal snowpack for spring, so it’s taken a bit, but the Park Service has been working like crazy to open it up. While hiking in the high country will be limited, […]

Running Eagle Falls 2014

Trick Falls

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve not been out much due to the crazy amounts of rain we received. I have to admit I’ve become a bit of a fair-weather hiker. In addition to that, we got a little water in our basement, so that’s been taking up some time (and money). My […]

Mt Brown Lookout Speed 2014

Mt. Brown Lookout

Had a window of time and weather to quickly head up to Mt. Brown Lookout on June 16th, 2014. I knew the weather was changing for a few days and it was going to start that afternoon. I picked up my running pack, went super light and headed up the almost 5.5 miles and 4,200 […]

East Side Big Lakes

moose calf

Two of the bigger lakes on the east side of Glacier National Park are Lake Sherburne and St. Mary Lake. Both are great spots to look for wildlife. I was dropping off some more of my Day Hikes Map Guides to some of my resellers and decided to do a common loon survey at the […]

Apgar Lookout Bushwhack

Lazuli Bunting

Went out for a little off-trail adventure that included Apgar Lookout, then a ridge walk. Our destination was a ways down the ridge and our spirits were broken by downfall. We decided to turn back. This, of course, didn’t mean we had a terrible day. We saw loads of flowers, birds, a mule deer to […]

Glacier National Park Shuttles

Glacier Shuttles

Logistics in Glacier can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully there are a few different shuttling options that make it easier. Unfortunately, they are operated by five different entities making it extremely confusing. Here, we try to sort it out a bit so you can figure out how to do what you came to […]

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