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Pelican Creek Nature Trail

The Pelican Creek Nature Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful, family-friendly trail to a sandy beach along the north shore of Yellowstone Lake. This short, level walk through the trees follows along Pelican Creek as it empties into the lake. The Pelican Creek Nature Trail is located j

Elephant Back Trail

The Elephant Back Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a nice, wooded hike with intermittent views to a wonderful overlook of Yellowstone Lake. The trail alternates between either being level or on the steeper side instead of a gradual grade. The trail creates a loop at the top so the trail has a b

Spring Trail Run

Went out for a trail run yesterday up in Glacier National Park. Combined the Avalanche Trail (not Avalanche Lake Trail) with the John's Lake Loop and McDonald Creek Trail for a sweet trail run. Later on in the season, use by the horse concessionaires can make this for a stinky affair, however, in th

Cascade Creek Trail

The Cascade Creek Trail in Yellowstone National Park loosely follows Cascade Creek through forest and meadows to the Cascade Lake Trail. It's a slightly longer alternate to Cascade Lake, very level, and offers a little less than the shorter, Cascade Lake Trail. The Cascade Creek Trail takes off from

Avalanche Lake Spring 2016 Bike and Hike

It was a beautiful spring day and we decided to grab out bikes and backpacks and head up to Glacier National Park. I wanted to get a picture of Avalanche Lake on a bluebird day, so we made that our destination. Currently, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed at Lake McDonald Lodge, so we needed to ri

Wraith Falls

Wraith Falls in Yellowstone National Park is a short, mostly level trail that takes you past open meadows to an overlook of the falls. The falls is a bit underwhelming compared to Yellowstone's other falls, but the short hike and lovely flowers in early summer make it worth the effort.   A qu

Observation Peak

The Observation Peak Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a trail that takes you through beautiful meadows, past a lake and up on an alpine ridge to a great overlook. The lookout on the summit is no longer staffed, but a great building with panoramic views.   You can start your trek to Observ

Two Ribbons Trail

Two Ribbons Trail in Yellowstone National Park is a short, boardwalk loop through a mix of open sagebrush meadows along the Madison River and stands of lodgepole forests of varying ages. This level, interpretive trail is accessible and a pleasant walk for the entire family. Right after coming throug

Purple Mountain

Purple Mountain in Yellowstone National Park has a nice steady grade all the way up to a great lookout of the Madison River area looking south towards Old Faithful. While the trail spends its entire time in the trees, it's pleasant hiking and you do get some views out along the way with a very nice

Harlequin Lake

Harlequin Lake in Yellowstone National Park is a short hike to a beautiful lake tucked beneath rocky cliffs featuring an assortment of waterfowl. The entire path is level making it great for the whole family. The entire 1/2 mile to the lake is in a new stand of lodgepole pines giving little in the w

Spring Snowpack Check at the Figure Eight

It's been a bit since I've been up to Glacier National Park so Kristen and I headed up there to do a bit of hiking. We wanted to check out the snow pack and enjoy an absolutely gorgeous spring day. We knew we were going to be staying low, so after considering a few options, we decided to walk along

Cygnet Lakes

Cygnet Lakes in Yellowstone National Park is a lake at the end of a large meadow reached by four miles of level hiking through lodgepole stands. Due to the marshy edges of the lakes, you can't get very close and many visitors may find the day better spent going to other lakes. The trail to Cygnet La

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